At home with Hadeda: Charlotte Lawson Johnston

At home with Hadeda: Charlotte Lawson Johnston

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Welcome to a new series where we visit friends of Hadeda – clients who have styled our furniture or decorative items into their homes, adding to the rich story of these one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Read on to meet our first guest, Charlotte Lawson Johnston. The oh-so-stylish founder of Cloth Collective – a brand creating naturally dyed sustainable textiles – has elevated a soothing, light-filled spot with warming textures and beautifully contrasting prints.

Hadeda: What drew you to Hadeda?

Charlotte: I’m from South Africa and so wanted to support the talented artisans who Haded very much champion from there AND I’m a fan of the natural materials used to create so many of their products.

Charlotte’s style:

Sitting softly against the soothing landscape, Charlotte’s home is an extension of her love for the natural world and passion for slow, sustainable design. Muted hues pair with unexpected yet subtle pops of colour, sumptuous wallpaper, an homey textures to create a space we’d happily spend our days in. 

Hadeda: Describe your interior style in 3 words?

Charlotte: Personal, quirky and colourful.

 Hadeda: What is your favourite Hadeda piece in your home?

Charlotte: Without a doubt, the pendant rattan shade above our dining room table. 

Take Your Seat

A dining area provides an opportunity to disconnect from the world and come together with the ones that mean the most. Ceramics with stories and welcoming fabrics set the tone for memory-worthy moments.

Hadeda: What is the importance of having a dining room to you? 

Charlotte: It’s the antithesis to open plan living which is I don’t like (so noisy!). In winter evenings we light the fire and close off the rest of the house.  It’s like a womb, where friends feel cosy and safe enveloped in our speckled wallpaper. 

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Colour & Lighting:

Interesting colour combinations or pops of colour can often create an overall soothing effect, as is the case in this sitting room that contrasts earthy neutrals with a muted greeny-blue wallpaper. Your lighting goes hand in hand with natural light to create a homey, welcoming space. Hadeda’s woven creations are design details in their own right, bringing individual charm and character to a home.

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Hadeda: How do you use colour throughout your home?

Charlotte: The colour mostly comes from crazy wallpapers and grasscloths. I am brave with colour. It has never scared me. When we first moved down here I found the mulchy-green in everyone’s homes so depressing and made a vow to have fun with colour!

Hadeda: How do you approach lighting when decorating a room? 

Charlotte: I like to treat lamps like art…..and therefore tend to choose bases and shades that are interesting and unexpected. Always cosy!

Textural Treats:

The key to creating a cosy space is to look beyond colour and start by layering different textures – woven rugs, cane furniture, gorgeous fabrics and chunky woven blankets come together to make a house a home.

Discover the curated edit of all Charlotte's Hadeda pieces here and keep your eyes peeled for the next feature! 

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