Hadeda, named after the notorious South African bird well loved by locals for its loud bird-song, is a collective of unique home and lifestyle collections sourced from talented artisans and co-ops across many disciplines including fashion, ceramics, art, weaving, beading and carpentry from Africa and around the globe.

Founded by Kate Kindersley, who grew up between Africa and UK, Hadeda is informed by a belief in the enduring value of craft and design over mass production.

The initial offerings from Hadeda include a stunning collection of outdoor furniture, all made of handwoven cane using traditional techniques by villagers in Malawi. Other talented artisans include Karu, MADWA, Indego, Clementina Ceramics, African Jacquard, Tensira and Sidai. All with there own creative design and their individual story to tell.

As Kate says: “From traditional passed-down techniques to modern design, there are so many streams of talented designers in Africa. I want to share the magic, wonder, tradition and excitement of discovering these talented makers with others.  There are so many it is hard to choose but I hope you enjoy this first collection, with hopefully many more to come.

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Cotswolds Studio

Visit our studio in Kingham, Oxfordshire to view our collections in-person