Curated Walls With Hadeda

Curated Walls With Hadeda

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There’s so much territory to explore when filling the walls of your home.There are the shelves stacked with sentimental pieces and the statement wall moments; the made-by-your-children corners and the collectibles from around the world. A work of art is not only found in frames, but in artful pairings; in proportions and asymmetry. In colour, texture, pattern and a combination of pieces that almost stop you in your tracks, no matter how many times you’ve walked past. We’re always excited at the prospect of adding a new design dimension to a space which is where our brand new basket sets come in handy.



Our sets have been carefully curated to help you build a basket wall that brings an eclectic mix of design details together, from statement rafia finishes to intricately woven, hand-dyed pieces. We’ve scoured Southern Africa to bring together a collection of baskets that celebrate different cultures and makers who have honed a craft passed down through generations. 




Collaborative Craft Project is one such company we’ve teamed up with. They work with many rural communities throughout Zimbabwe to create distinct basket designs, relying on artisanal expertise built over two decades of weaving within these communities, their creations are individually handcrafted so that no two pieces are the same. Each is truly a one-off piece of woven art. 

To save you time on mixing and matching, our design team has done the hard work for you, with the very exciting addition of new stock of our Collaborative Craft Project Binga Baskets. Learn how to build your own below. 

 Map it out: First things first, lay down your baskets on the floor, contrasting size and texture, colour and pattern to create an overall design that feels bold and balanced but never overly manicured, much like the organically shaped designs themselves. Take into account the dimensions of the space you’re working with before hammering in any nails, and then take a picture of your finalised layout. 

We like to start with our favourite basket in the middle, working out from there and adding a pop of contrasting texture where you’d least expect it!

Mix and match: Depending on the colour scheme you are going for, an eclectic mix of colours or a more monochrome selection work well. All our baskets are hand-woven using indigenous grasses and reeds, they’re dried and dyed locally before being woven into the intricate patterns and designs of our wall baskets. No two are the same, with each weaver working in their own familial pattern or knotting technique. 

Make some magic: Once you are happy with the layout on the floor, start banging the nails in. Start by attaching your middle basket and building from there, leaving a couple of inches between each design. Remember to check the length of the hanging hooks on the back as they often vary greatly to ensure you get the right height. If there is no hanging hook with your basket, simply attach it by nailing directly through the basket, it will easily go through the weave.

And there you have it - a one-of-kind wall of art.

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