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Style Guide: How to curate a basket wall

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basket wall design

For private clients, pop-ups, events, photo shoots... a basket wall installation has become something of a HADEDA signature; curating a range of textures, scales and colours that hang beautifully together takes consideration and a little bit of forethought before you start hammering in any nails, here are my tips to creating your own basket wall at home:

how to hang wall baskets

The first thing I like to do when curating a wall of baskets for my own home, or a client's is to lay them out on the floor in front of the space. It helps me to judge the scale and dimensions I have to play with.

It's not just the wall space to consider; you need to take into account the height of any furniture that is going to sit in front of the wall, plus any surrounding artwork, mirrors, doorways etc to ensure your installation has sufficient room around it to do it justice.

ideas for a basket wall

Rather than hanging to a strict formation, I prefer things that are not too symmetrical, to mimic the organic forms of the baskets. Think about the flow of your baskets and the direction you want them to be heading in. It can look fab if they follow in a wave behind a piece of furniture.

woven vetiver baskets

Have a play around with a few different layouts on the floor and stand back. I tend to start with my favourite in the middle and build outwards from there. Try to mix the sizes up so it doesn’t look too uniform and I love to add texture with a hairy vetiver basket thrown in!

guide to installing a basket wall

Depending on the colour scheme you are going for an eclectic mix of colours or a more monochrome selection work well. All our baskets are hand-woven using indigenous grasses and reeds, they are dried and dyed locally before being woven into the intricate patterns and designs of our wall baskets. No two are the same, with each weaver working in their own familial pattern, or knotting technique. It means each is truly a one-off piece of woven art.

Once you are happy with the layout on the floor, start banging those nails in! Start with the middle basket and go from there; keeping a couple of inches between each one. Remember to check the length of the hanging hooks on the back as they often vary greatly to ensure get the right height. If there is no hanging hook with your basket simply attach it by nailing directly through the basket, it will easily go through the weave.

Most importantly - have fun with it! You don't need a great expanse of wall to give it a go, a small cluster in a bathroom, trailing down a hallway or over an archway all look fab.

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