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Beaded Angel Tree TopperBeaded Angel Tree Topper
Beaded Angel Tree Topper
Sale price£50.00
Sisal Angel DecorationSisal Angel Decoration
Sisal Angel Decoration
Sale price£15.00
Beaded Apple OrnamentBeaded Apple Ornament
Beaded Apple Ornament
Sale price£26.00
Beaded Eggs (Box of 6)Beaded Eggs (Box of 6)
Beaded Eggs (Box of 6)
Sale price£120.00
Beaded Egg DecorationBeaded Egg Decoration
Beaded Egg Decoration
Sale price£26.00
Beaded Palm Candlesticks in WhiteBeaded Palm Candlesticks in White
Beaded Palm Candlesticks in White
Sale priceFrom £70.00
Knitted Star DecorationsKnitted Star Decorations
Knitted Star Decorations
Sale price£8.00
Beaded Tree in WhiteBeaded Tree in White
Beaded Tree in White
Sale price£25.00
Beaded Vine Candelabra in RedBeaded Vine Candelabra - Red
Beaded Vine Candelabra in Red
Sale price£320.00
Knitted Snowflake DecorationsKnitted Snowflake Decorations
Beaded Angel Wing Napkin RingsBeaded Angel Wing Napkin Rings
Printed Paper Napkins in Christmas Motif
Beaded Vine Candleholders in GreenBeaded Vine Candleholders in Green
Beaded Vine Candleholders in Green
Sale priceFrom £85.00
Beaded Scallop PlacematBeaded Scallop Placemat
Beaded Scallop Placemat
Sale price£45.00
Beaded Heart Wing DecorationBeaded Heart Wing Decoration
Beaded Heart Wing Decoration
Sale price£12.00
Beaded Bird Ornament 1Beaded Bird Ornament 1
Beaded Bird Ornament 1
Sale price£28.00
Beaded Bird Ornament 2Beaded Bird Ornament 2
Beaded Bird Ornament 2
Sale price£28.00
Beaded Bird Ornament 3Beaded Bird Ornament 3
Beaded Bird Ornament 3
Sale price£28.00
Beaded Bird Ornament 4Beaded Bird Ornament 4
Beaded Bird Ornament 4
Sale price£28.00
Beaded Bird Ornament 6Beaded Bird Ornament 6
Beaded Bird Ornament 6
Sale price£28.00
Beaded Bird Ornament 5Beaded Bird Ornament 5
Beaded Bird Ornament 5
Sale price£28.00
Beaded Angel Candle Holder
Beaded Angel Candle Holder
Sale priceFrom £30.00

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