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Featured Artisans

Woven by women, Madwa’s handcrafted homeware pieces celebrate, support and empower female artisans from Swaziland. Expect the most beautiful array of basketware, striking patterns and organic shapes. 
Malawi Cane
Malawi Cane Furniture is made from sustainable natural resources using the century-old traditional craft of cane weaving. These decorative objects and furniture pieces can be used outside, but should be stored undercover, some items (especially if situated near the coast and exposed to heavy mist) can form dark spots from prolonged exposure to water and/or metal. The best ways to restore this is with Oxalic Acid. You can buy it from any hardware store – then simply dissolve it in water and brush the affected area. Put it out in the sun to dry and re-varnish it, if you had a varnished product.

Founded by two best friends inspired by a summer afternoon conversation on the meaning of home, Karu draws inspiration from their home country of South Africa. The brand's name – and spirit – refer to the Karoo, an evocative semi-desert region in South Africa and is referenced in the design motifs, textures and colour of each product. 
Chommies is an economic upliftment fashion label producing uniquely hand-crafted products for you and your dog. Bright patterns and a distinctive handwoven finish combine with leather and brass details making for stylish accessories your pets will love wearing, and you’ll love showing off in the park. 
Handcrafted by artisans using time-honoured techniques, Indego’s bags donate 100% of their profits to fund education for women and the youth. Expect bright colours, bold designs and an expert finish on each of their beautiful bags.
Clementina Ceramics
Together with her partner Albie Bailey, well-known South African ceramicist Clementina van der Walt runs Clementina Ceramics studio from their Woodstock studio in Cape. With an intention to “seek sacred in the ordinary”, Clementina draws aesthetic inspiration from the patterns, colours and textures found in urban and rural landscapes.

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