My aim when launching HADEDA last year was always to create a platform here in the UK for African artisans. With a South African mother and living myself in Tanzania, I wanted to create something that would tell the incredible stories of the women-led businesses and artists that I knew, loved and filled my own home with; to give them a global space to showcase their incredible talents and designs.

As a business we will always amplify African voices and shine a spotlight on those who use heritage craftsmanship to create not just beautiful designs, but ensure that those whose hands make them are offered viable employment and fair pay, too.

The brands and artisans we work with
We want to create a fair, modern business model that supports the growth of independent African brands - whose stories we share regularly on our Journal and social media. We work collaboratively with many brands, creating bespoke designs, colourways or unique products with them to sell exclusively at HADEDA.

We also work directly, and visit regularly, co-operatives, charities and foundations who create products specifically to sell to help fund their own social and environmental projects within their communities. Our aim is to provide them with regular orders to help them facilitate these projects, rather than relying on being funded by donations - but also to create regular employment within local communities. Pay is often up to 6 x the minimum wage and also ensures a safe working environment for both men and women. 
The crafts used in the products we sell are rich in African heritage; diverse and distinct to the countries that they come from - including Ghana, South Africa, Senegal and many others. We are adding to our website constantly, giving as much information as to the provenance and story behind the designs and skills used to create our pieces so we can both educate our UK audiences and honour these centuries’ old crafts skills. If you want to know more about how, where or by whom a piece is made, please get in contact with me directly -

Sustainable materials
We also ensure that the material and energy used to create our products treads as lightly as possible on the planet - the handmade nature ensures a slower, more mindful production process - with natural materials from sustainable sources, such as our cane furniture, baskets woven from indigenous grasses and natural clay pots and pendant lights. Many of our products are also either upcycled or created from the remnants or off-cuts that would otherwise go to waste.

We ship all our deliveries by sea as it is the lowest carbon option for our pieces to reach us and throughout 2020 we are looking to remove as much plastic packaging from our supply chain as possible.

We are also working to ensure our artisans and a diverse range of models and creatives are visible on all of our channels, from the website to our social media. It is not about tokenism, but building a collaborative, organic and true reflection of the incredible people behind all that we do at HADEDA. 

Kate Kindersley - HADEDA founder

Cotswolds Studio

Visit our studio in Kingham, Oxfordshire to view our collections in-person