At Home With Hadeda: Lucia Dailey

At Home With Hadeda: Lucia Dailey

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In Part 4  of ‘At home with Hadeda’ – a new series where we visit clients who have styled our furniture or decorative items into their homes – we visited friend of Hadeda, Lucia Dailey. 

Lucia is a British fashion & textile designer known for her brand Seren London. Seren is a slow fashion and modern bridal brand, creating beautiful, limited edition or custom pieces with a focus on timeless elegance and a nostalgia for simpler times. Best known for their hand-painted jumpsuits, Lucia’s love for pattern and detail is reflected in her home filled with contrasting prints and welcoming, tactile materials nestled between Hadeda favourites. 

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Kate: Describe your interior style in 3 words?

Lucia: Playful, Colourful, Homely

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Kate: How do you go about starting to design a space? 

Lucia: I start with the purpose of the room... It may sound obvious but for me a 'home' is as much about comfort and functionality as it is about design. Purpose dictates everything about the space and its layout. Once you have an idea of how the room will work and where to place key furniture or joinery, it can then be layered up with lighting, colours and art. 

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Kate: Do your fashion sense and interior style overlap?

Absolutely! I am a maximalist at heart, so am naturally drawn to colour, patterns and textures. Whilst I tend to wear more pared-back clothes for everyday, I love a bold print for Summer or event dressing – enter Seren! 

Kate: What do you love most about Hadeda?

I love the brand's laidback authenticity and the visible craftsmanship that can be seen in each piece. The natural materials used in their product create a real warmth and sit really well with both old and new. 

What is your favourite Hadeda piece in your home?

I love the cane ottoman that sits in our hallway. It works so well against our original quarry tiled floor and was the perfect size for a tricky space! I also adore the Whiteman and Mellor Paisley fabric that we used to upholster the bed in our loft room –  it's bold, yet timeless. 


Kate: Your home is filled with gorgeous patterns… Any advice on how to mix and match?

Don't try too hard or over-think it... If you instinctively like the way something sits together, whether it be a colour palette or a combination of prints, go with it and keep layering up. I always love to add a striped fabric alongside pattern, it can bring a calmer, modern feel to bold shapes and colour. 

Kate: Talk us through your creative process in creating seasonal prints for Seren?

Rarely do I have to sit down and 'brainstorm' ideas for the prints, nor are these strategised in any way.  Generally, they will begin from something I have seen, whether it’s  a colour combination (often sparked by nature or old buildings, tiles or textiles when travelling) or the shape of a print motif itself. My phone is full of random inspiration images of tiny details that only make sense to me!

Kate: What or who inspires you creatively? 

I am hugely influenced by my surroundings and love to get inspiration from different places and cultures. Travel has been a huge influence for me and I have an obsession with hotels (sadly not always staying in them!). The architecture, design and buzz that all come together at once... I often imagine guests wafting past wearing Seren! 

Kate: What’s the most sentimental piece of furniture or art in your home and why? 

I inherited a couple of antique pieces from my late father... I remember snubbing them when he was alive as I was young and only liked interiors that were white or grey. Now, they add so much depth and character and remind me of him every time I look at them... 

Kate: What do you have your eye on at Hadeda at the moment?

We have quite a few of the gorgeous cane pieces,  so I think we have reached capacity with those for now – although there are still so many pieces that I love. However, I am on the hunt for a loveseat for our kitchen and have fallen for the Grace Armchair – just so difficult to choose which fabric! 

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