Made For You: Bofred

Made For You: Bofred

Our 'Made For You' collection is a celebration of slow, ethically produced and beautifully crafted design pieces. Created especially for you, these artisan-made delights tell a story – of heritage, of culture, of one-of-a-kind wonders in a world geared towards mass production. 

Highlighting the very best of African design, it’s a platform for makers and brands to showcase their high-end, slowly manufactured products. Introducing our second brand to join: furniture and lighting studio, Bofred. Bonding over their shared love of travel and backgrounds in fine art, Christa Botha and Carla Erasmus joined forces in 2014 to establish Bofred – their independent, female-run furniture and lighting studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Combining modernist elements with authentic craft and storytelling, they seek to celebrate and showcase natural materials like wood, clay, stone, and metals based around distinct colours for each collection. 

As they evolve through new seasons in life as designers and more importantly friends, they channel the subtleties of time and place into their work, creating beautiful, relevant and useful objects.

Kate: Describe Bofred in three words?

BoFred: Timeless, Sculptural, Feminine.

Kate:  What is your favourite piece from the Bask collection?

Bofred: Our Bahla Chair was inspired by travels to Oman and the handmade pottery in Bahla.

Kate: What is the next interior piece you're looking to invest in?

Bofred: Personally and for the Bofred collection, a large oversized ottoman coffee table in custom fabric that we can cover in books.

Kate: What is your favourite colour combination?
Bofred: Sage green and crimson red 
Kate: What is your biggest career highlight at BoFred?
Bofred: Without singling one out, every local or international interior designer has used our designs in their projects. Seeing our pieces come alive in beautifully designed spaces is always a rewarding experience.
Kate: What is the biggest challenge running your own company?
Bofred: People are always surprised when they hear how small our team is. We have to wear multiple hats at all times, and balancing creative design work with the demands of running a business can be very overwhelming.
Kate: What is your top styling tip for Bofred pieces?
Bofred: Pair with art when and where you can. 
Kate: What drew you to Hadeda?
Bofred: Apart from your beautiful curation of products, it's also the artisans you have selected to work with. We are very honoured to be in such good company.


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