The Beauty of Bespoke

The Beauty of Bespoke

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Designing a home is an exercise in suitable pairings. The balance of form to function, the art of mismatching fabrics and the flow from one furniture piece to the next all come into play when creating a space that represents your sense of style. 

To help you tailor your favourite Hadeda pieces to your home, and to make it as streamlined for you as possible, we’ve introduced our bespoke design process which allows you to customise specific pieces to your tastes and needs. 

Our brand new selection of fabrics can be ordered by the metre and upholstered onto a range of pieces. Discover your options below.



1. Headboards ~ A headboard is the centrepiece for any bedroom. You can customise our single, double, king and super king headboards with any of our Whiteman & Mellor fabric. Founder, Kate designed a single headboard in our "Ochre Poppy" for her son's bedroom and the super king headboard in 'Mughal' in her guest bedroom.  



2. Scatter Cushions ~ If our standard scatter size of 60cm by 60cm does not suit your space, get in touch with our design team to create any size you need. 



3. Sofas & Armchairs ~ We have just launched our new core collection of sofas & armchairs which you can have in any fabric to match the style of your room. Above is out Axel Sofa in our classic 'Poppy Ochre' fabric. 



4. Bed valances ~ Style your bed with a gorgeous bed valances to any size. 



5. Table cloths ~ Create an artistic and intricate table setting with our fabric selection. Pictured above is founder Kates, Christmas table with the 'Palampore' fabric.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our design team regarding any questions:

Order samples here or shop fabric by the metre here


Cotswolds Studio

Visit our studio in Kingham, Oxfordshire to view our collections in-person