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Beaded Orange Flower Napkin Rings
Beaded Red Flower Napkin Rings
Beaded Flower Napkin Rings in WhiteBeaded Flower Napkin Rings in White
Beaded Flower Napkin Rings in White
Sale priceFrom £12.00
Wall Hanging - Three Fish
Three Fish Wall Hanging
Sale price£95.00
Beaded Vine Candelabra in RedBeaded Vine Candelabra in Red
Beaded Vine Candelabra in Red
Sale price£320.00
Beaded Angel Wing Napkin RingsBeaded Angel Wing Napkin Rings
Beaded Angel Tree TopperBeaded Angel Tree Topper
Beaded Angel Tree Topper
Sale price£50.00
Beaded Palm Candlesticks in WhiteBeaded Palm Candlesticks in White
Beaded Palm Candlesticks in White
Sale priceFrom £70.00
Buhera Basket - MegaBuhera Basket - Mega
Mega Buhera Basket
Sale price£326.00
Extra Large Buhera BasketBuhera Basket - Extra Large
Extra Large Buhera Basket
Sale price£252.00
Large Buhera BasketBuhera Basket - Large
Large Buhera Basket
Sale price£179.00
Small Buhera BasketBuhera Basket - Small
Small Buhera Basket
Sale price£84.00
King Vrou Bed Throw in TamarinKing Vrou Bed Throw - Tamarin
King Vrou Bed Throw in Tamarin
Sale price£263.00
Cotton Folly TowelCotton Folly Towel
Cotton Folly Towel
Sale price£63.00
Small Woven Wall Basket with Handles, 8
Medium Woven Wall Basket with Handles, 3
Bone Carved Marmalade SpoonBone Carved Marmalade Spoon
Bone Carved Marmalade Spoon
Sale price£3.50
Terracotta PotTerracotta Pot
Terracotta Pot
Sale priceFrom £168.00
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Cane Elephant Head Wall DecorationCane Elephant Head Wall Decoration
Cane and Grass Lion Head Wall DecorationCane and Grass Lion Head Wall Decoration
Large Wall Basket in Black & Natural, 1
Small Wall Basket in Black & Natural, 1
Speckled Summer TowelsSpeckled Summer Towels
Speckled Summer Towels
Sale price£48.00
Vadoek Kitchen Tea TowelsVadoek Kitchen Tea Towels
Vadoek Kitchen Tea Towels
Sale price£18.00
Ceramic Vessel - By The RiverCeramic Vessel - By The River
'By the River' Ceramic Vessel
Sale price£357.00
Ilala TrayIlala Tray
Ilala Tray
Sale priceFrom £110.00
Gone Rural Woven Grass Place Mat in Lime Green

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