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Artisan focus - Chommies

CHOMMIES presents a colourful world of luxury dog accessories, handcrafted by local artisans in its Cape Town studio. The brand ethos marries the vibrancy and raw beauty of Southern Africa with contemporary high quality design. Chommies’s range of collars, leashes and harnesses offer a kaleidoscope of colour-happy combinations, designed to mix and/or match. The result is joyful fashionable walkwear for dogs, coveted by style-savvy dog lovers around the world.
The sought-after Rope range features leather detailing and non-rusting brass hardware, sourced for comfort and durability. Traditional African craftsmanship such as whipping, weaving and macramé is boldly reimagined, whilst adding soul and story to each product. “Chommies” is a South African colloquial term for “friends”. It is this sense of connection that encapsulates the brand, where dogs are the greatest of companions and teachers, reminding us live to in the moment, explore endlessly, trust fearlessly and love tenderly.

Cotswolds Studio

Visit our studio in Kingham, Oxfordshire to view our collections in-person