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Artisan focus - Chommies

In a true '101 Dalmations'-esque storyline, Chommies founders Nathalie and Zac were brought together in a chance meeting at a Farmer's Market in Cape Town as their two dogs, Hiker and Ringo hit it off immediately. Gradually, their own connection blossomed and so a partnership in love and business was formed as they launched Chommies, a colloquial term for 'friend' in South Africa to celebrate the connect between humans and their dogs with their pet accessories' collection.

In February I spent some time with Nathalie and Zac, learning more about their brand and picked out some new pieces to stock online at HADEDA. Their handmade pieces are made locally by talented local artisans, with their signature rope collars and leads, embellished with contrasting binding and leather and brass detailing. They're smart, timeless and practical too as the rope can be washed (perfect for muddy country walks) and the leather and brass can be polished to extend their lifespan.

smart dog collarsrope and leather dog lead

We have a range of collars, in a selection of sizes (see the size chart in each product image gallery to find the right size for your dog - ranging from terrier to labrador. Each one is a slightly different combination of coloured leather, single or double strand rope and coloured binding.

You can mix and match with our leads to find a complimentary colour scheme to complete the set. Perfect for stylish pups and dog owners alike.


We also have a limited-edition collection of Chommies' ostrich feather keyrings. All hand made using the same distinctive rope and coloured binding as the collars and leads, with metallic detailing; finished with amazing coloured ostrich feathers that Nathalie and Zac source from a small-scale farmer in the Karoo.

cane animal sculpture

Finally, we also have a very special commission, a hand-built cane dog sculpture made by Chommies in the likeness of their own hound (above). 'Dudley' would make the perfect 'guard dog' for any entrance hall, he is truly one of a kind and is currently to be found welcoming guests at our Chipping Norton Summer Pop-Up.

Shop our Chommies collection of leads and collars here, and our limited edition keyrings here.