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Bright idea - adding some colour to your table this spring

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clementina ceramics cape town

The studio at award-winning ceramics artist Clementina van der Walt is really a feast for the eyes, imagination and soul.

Clementina’s story as a full-time artist began after she left her ceramics lecturing post at the University of Johannesburg for the Cape Winelands where she opened a production studio that employed 10 assistants from the local community.  

Thirty years later her endless exhibits have included celebrated interpretations of Africa, retro, modern, theatrical, bright and much more. This diversity is still reflected in her space and looking around, it is obvious that Clementina’s inspiration-tank seldom runs dry.

I love the pronounced irregularity of Clementina’s work that makes each piece as unique as the personal space in which it will make its home.

In particular, I love the bright colours and playfulness of the glazes from the 'Colour Me Bright collection' that we have showcased at Hadeda. The way that these striking and tactical pieces have been inspired by the colours and textures of Africa, is incredibly special.

To the discerning decorator, I can almost guarantee that even in a room filled with beauty and objects d’art, it would be difficult to miss even the subtlest Clementina Ceramics piece.

But talent and humility are always a wonderful combination. And this, together with Clementina’s understated hospitality, is the prevailing atmosphere in her light-filled studio.

The pieces speak for themselves. There is a not a trace, or even a word spoken about this incredible artist’s international acclaim or accolades, just a mutual appreciation for clay-turned-design and a feeling of being soaked in African warmth.  

You can shop Clementina's Ceramics online here at Hadeda

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